Three Fantastic Products Soon To Be Released!


Absolute Theme

Introducing Absolute a world class Word Press theme from BCorp. A theme which takes advantage of todays cutting edge effects and newly developed in house visual editor for producing word class websites quickly and easily.


BCorp Visual Editor

The all new BCorp Visual Editor for Word Press. Boasting the fastest Editor on the market which means   less time producing and modifying content.


BCorp Short Codes

The secret weapon behind the power of both the Absolute Theme and its stunningly quick Visual Editor is the all new BCorp Short Codes. These powerful short codes help to produce stunning layouts and graphic effects with a minimum of fuss.

Absolute Multi Purpose Theme


The Last Theme You'll Ever Need

A multipurpose theme that can do what ever you need. Extremely powerful yet simple to use. Including the all new BCorp Visual Editor and matching shortcodes. This theme is packed with all of todays modern visual effects.

What is more is that the theme is designed from the ground up to work on all of todays mobile devices.

More Details Will Be Available On Release

BCorp Visual Editor



Simply click the preferred layout or media element and watch it appear magically on the page.


Drag and Drop

Don’t like where things are? Simply drag and drop any element exactly where you’d like it to appear on the page. Resizing elements is a click away.



Customize any element with each one having countless options to make the page appear exactly as you like.

More Details Will Be Available On Release

BCorp Short Codes

  • 2Z1A4275
  • 2Z1A3459
  • 2Z1A3518

Powerful Visual Elements

Powerful visual elements can be created with a simple short code. These elements display on any device. What’s more if combined with the Visual Editor you don’t even have to remember the short code.

The elements range from controlling the layout and background including parallax scrolling and background videos to image sliders, galleries, accordions, tabs, icons, maps the list just goes on and on.

More Details Will Be Available On Release

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